Bridging to Home

One of the things I learned when I expanded my research is that there’s a whole faction of children’s health that I barely knew about. I would venture to guess that most people know that there are nursing homes and assisted living, as well as rehabilitation hospitals – but we typically think of old peopleContinue reading “Bridging to Home”

Where is My NICU?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here: we’re publishing a national NICU database!!! The mission of For the Littlest is to bring awareness, empower parents, and encourage students, and in keeping with that tradition, I want you guys to know your local NICU! Over the past 14 months, I’ve worked on this databaseContinue reading “Where is My NICU?”

Active NICU Awareness!

September is NICU awareness month! Hooray!! NICU awareness month is a chance for survivors to be celebrated, workers to be appreciated, and people to be educated. In the spirit of the season, (kind of?) let’s talk about what active NICU awareness looks like. NICU awareness means supporting NICU families! So many of us are goodContinue reading “Active NICU Awareness!”

Well, What is a NICU?

When I tell people I’m a nursing student, they almost inevitably ask about what kind of nursing I’m interested in, and to be truthful, I love that question. Telling people that I want to be a NICU nurse often goes one of two ways: me teaching them what a NICU is, or me being toldContinue reading “Well, What is a NICU?”

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