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Hi! I’m Carley Guill, founder of For the Littlest.

I’m also a pediatric registered nurse, Tennessee Titans fan, and avid drinker of Dr. Pepper.

After a personal experience exposed me to the wild and miraculous world of the NICU, I spent years researching and advocating for the care of newborns and more importantly for the education the whole of the general population who have no idea what a NICU even is! When I went down this rabbit hole, I discovered that beyond the NICU, the power of the kid is so very mighty. So here we are, fighting for the littlest of us – the hospitalized babies and kiddos who need to be seen and loved, lifted high in prayer.

Hospitalized children are why I believe in miracles and are so often what brings me to God in praise, and I hope this website will show you why. Despite regional disparities, parental stress, small stature, and even smaller odds, I’ve found that kids so often prove the world wrong.

The lack of light and comprehensible information is so very alarming, and FTL wants so badly to share what we know with you!

So, jump in! Share your stories, ask your questions, spread your awareness, become passionate! We love having you here!!

Thank you & #kidstrong,

Carley Guill

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