Where is My NICU?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here: we’re publishing a national NICU database!!! The mission of For the Littlest is to bring awareness, empower parents, and encourage students, and in keeping with that tradition, I want you guys to know your local NICU!

Over the past 14 months, I’ve worked on this database almost constantly! I spent countless hours researching, describing, and recording each and every Level III and IV NICU that I could find! Why? Because as part of our mission, I want to give the public a little knowledge: given the right place and time, these babies can LIVE! Everyone from micro preemies, little friends with heart defects, homies with extra chromes, and tiny ones just a little tangled up inside – they all have a shot! Given the right opportunity, there’s a good enough chance that a NICU baby will beat the odds, and part of us giving them the right opportunity is knowing where they should go, where we should go, where we should give, for whom we should pray.

This research, and consequently this map, sorts all 814 that I could find for y’all so that we can all be in awe of the little fighters all around us and the people who fight for them when they’re too weak! These NICU’s are why I believe in the power of miracles and the beauty in struggle, and I hope you do too!

↓↓ Click the link below to access the For the Littlest NICU map!! ↓↓↓

How can this research help me?

  • Concerned about a high risk pregnancy? It can help you and your little one if you’re aware of nearby options for NICU care! Being aware of local NICU’s and their transport capabilities, care capabilities, privacy, and level can assist in discussion with your healthcare providers about perinatal care!
  • Interested in working in the NICU? It can help you decide what facility might be a great fit for you! Based on location, level, research affiliation, and (for the nursing students out there) magnet nursing status, you can go forth into job applications more informed about what you want in a NICU employer!

Allow me to explain some terms used in my data just in case! Specialized transport capabilities are abbreviated “Sp. Trans.” NICVIEW, Crib Cam, and all other similar terms are references to web cam capabilities so parents can see their babies even from home. 24/7 Visitation does not include the time that parents are not allowed in the room during report between shifts. Rooming In refers to a program some facilities have in which the parents have a supervised opportunity to learn how to live when their medically complex neonate comes home. The Vermont Oxford Network is a network of statistical reporting a research leading to quality improvement in the NICU, and magnet nursing status refers to the presence of nurses in leadership at said facility.

Disclaimer: I acknowledge some data may be skewed, this research is continually updated! Have grace with me please! When in doubt, check the attached website or contact a hospital representative!!

Thanks for checking in! Share with your friends and remember we are #nicustrong

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Carley Guill RN, BSN Founder of For the Littlest Follower of Christ

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