Mother-Baby Hospital Database!!!

Yep! You read correctly! I made a database of every hospital in the United States as characterized by their obstetric and neonatal care capabilities!

It started in June of 2020, when COVID-19 was at a pretty extreme point and life in quarantine was so heavy on my soul. I decided to double check my data for the FTL “Where is my NICU” database and I ended up with this: the United States’ 6,330 hospitals and their neonatal care capability, whether it be well-baby nursery, special care nursery, or level 3 or 4 NICU.

With all that time on my hands, it seemed smart enough to keep it going: which of these were birthing hospitals, were they baby-friendly (a designation I encourage you look into if you’re an antepartum nerd like me), and how can I help moms and healthcare workers find them?

Because of this time consuming research, the blog has been relatively quiet, but now it’s here: the For the Littlest National Mother-Baby Hospital Database!

The link is here right below!!!!!

  • Blue pins = NICUs
  • Green pins = Special Care Nurseries
  • Yellow pins = Well-Baby Nurseries
  • Gray pins = NO mother/baby care

Note: there may be some errors in data, but I worked to the best of my ability. The map will continue to grow and change and I will continue to seek out more and accurate data! Hope this map can be of some help to you, reader!

Thanks for reading, and remember we are all #nicustrong

Published by carleyguill

Carley Guill RN, BSN Founder of For the Littlest Follower of Christ

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