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For the Littlest aspires above all to be an advocate for families navigating high-risk childbirth and NICU hospitalization as well as a resource for present and future NICU nerds!

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Moving NICU Babies!

If you’ve taken a look at the For the Littlest NICU database (shoutout to our last post here on the blog!) then you might have noted a little bit of a trend: 814 seems like a lot on paper, but on a map, man they sure are far apart! If you’re like me, it wasContinue reading “Moving NICU Babies!”

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At For the Littlest, whether you want to share your story, want more information, want to share resources, or want to offer encouragement, it’s gladly welcomed (so long as it comes in kindness)!!

Disclaimer: For the Littlest exists simply to educate about the NICU and provide resources for further use, we do not provide medical or legal opinions! We’re here for a fun and educational experience and we hope you are too!

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